Marianna & Kevin

JLW_6305 JLW_6311 JLW_6327 JLW_6332 JLW_6346 JLW_6353 JLW_6370 JLW_6384 JLW_6403 JLW_6407 JLW_6430 JLW_6443 JLW_6466 JLW_6469 JLW_6473 JLW_6480 JLW_6487 JLW_6502 JLW_6510 JLW_6513 JLW_6527 JLW_6551 JLW_6555 JLW_6571 JLW_6613 JLW_6626 JLW_6631 JLW_6643 JLW_6667 JLW_6673 JLW_6687 JLW_6711 JLW_6717 JLW_6726 JLW_6732 JLW_6739 JLW_6806 JLW_6811 JLW_6814 JLW_6826 JLW_6834 JLW_6840 JLW_6848 JLW_6860 JLW_6934 JLW_6940 JLW_6952 JLW_6966 JLW_6969 JLW_6975 JLW_7012 JLW_7020 JLW_7030 JLW_7042 JLW_7123 JLW_7129 JLW_7150 JLW_7177 JLW_7180 JLW_7208 JLW_7213 JLW_7231 JLW_7240 JLW_7243 JLW_7248 JLW_7282 JLW_7298 JLW_7320 JLW_7324 JLW_7336 JLW_7351 JLW_7370 JLW_7386 JLW_7412 JLW_7416 JLW_7453 JLW_7615 JLW_7623 JLW_7706Vendor List:

Cake: Chef James Cox at Michigan Shores Club
Coordinator/Catering Director: Kelly DeBaz from Michigan Shores Club
Bridal Dress: House of Brides Couture
Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen: Men’s Warehouse
Make-Up: Jaime Abraham from Bride Eyes
Hair: Teddie Kossof Salon


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